One of the three Discover Sydney trails and probably my favourite …. but don’t tell the others. This trail starts in the lovely Darling Harbour area and wends its way through the city – but I shouldn’t tell you too much about which way it goes as I don’t want to spoil the fun as you explore Sydney.

I can tell you that it’s probably the least physically taxing of the three trails so if you were looking for a nice walk without any hilly bits then this is probably the one for you. I think it has a nice combination of the different types of clues that we have set over our different trails, there are some that are purely observational and a handful of ones that need a little extra thought and working out.

We did this trail with some friend of ours who live in Sydney just before we launched. They had the advantage of ‘local knowledge’ so knew where they were heading most of the time – but it was nice to see them ‘trip-up’ on one of the tricky clues (insert evil laugh).