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The ‘Help’ button will provide a clue to guide you to the next location – 5 min time penalty


The ‘Hint’ button will assist in solving the clue – 5 min time penalty


Learn more about locations
while having fun as you explore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering a Trail

How much does it cost?

Each trail costs a total of $55 per team (includes GST), no matter how many members your team has. We accept all major credit/debit cards and PayPal.

Can I order more than one trail?

If you are a group of friends looking to split into 2 or more teams to compete against each other, you simply need to order the trails separately with different usernames, passwords and email addresses. On the day, simply stagger your start times and then check out the leaderboard at the end to see who has won.

If you are one team and want to order 2 or more different trails, then you can keep the same username, password and email address, you just need to order them one at a time.

Do you run Corporate team building days?

Yes. Please get in touch with us via the ‘Contact us’ page and we will work with you to co-ordinate the day for you and your teams.

Does my trail have an expiry date?

No, you can complete the trail on the day of purchase or at any time in the future; there is no expiry date.

How to Play

When can I play my Trixity Trail?

You can take the challenge as soon as you receive your welcome email and instructions, taking note of the start times for that trail. There is no expiry date, so you take the trail whenever you choose.

Is there a specific time I need to start the trail?

You can start when you like but you need to ensure you take the trail between the start times specified in that trail’s instructions. This will ensure all the premises you need to visit, as part of the clues, are open. These times are only a guide; we recommended your team starts well ahead of the latest start time to ensure you give yourselves ample time to solve the clues and are able to fit in breaks if necessary.

Does anyone accompany us on the Trail or meet us along the way?

No, the trail is designed for you to solve the clues and enjoy the sights on your own/within your group.

How do I receive the first clue?

Upon purchasing your trail, you will be sent an email with your user id, detailed instructions and the start location. On the day of your trail, go to that location, log-in to your account and select the ‘GET STARTED’ button. You will be sent your first clue and the timer will commence.

How long does it take to receive a reply to my answer?

The only restriction is your internet connection to our website; responses should be instantaneous.

What happens if we can't solve the clue?

There are 3 types of assistance available to you – Help, Hint and Skip:

  • ‘HELP’ …. guides you to the correct location.
  • ‘HINT’ …. provides a hint to assist in solving the clue.
  • ‘SKIP’ …. whilst we make every effort to ensure our trails are fully available on the day, we cannot foresee every eventuality such as, road closures, emergency situations, special events, etc. If one of these unavoidable events occur, you may submit the word ‘Skip’ as your answer and you will be sent the next clue.

Can we play along on more than one device?

No, please keep to one device unless you have battery issues (see ‘Smartphone/Device’ section of FAQs). If you try to log in with multiple devices the system will ‘log out’ the previous device. You may use any device, i.e. it doesn’t need to be the one you ordered with but you can only log into your account as one ‘user’.

Can I take a break on the trail?

You can take a break at any time throughout the trail. When you submit the correct answer the clock will stop and will not start again until you select the ‘NEXT CLUE’ button. This means you can stop for a break anytime and you won’t be penalised – just don’t request the ‘NEXT CLUE’ until you are ready to start again.

What if we get a clue wrong?

The below are the responses to the answers you provide and the penalty (where applicable):

Select Receive Time Penalty
Correct answer ‘Congratulations! You have completed this Clue. Click “Next Clue” to continue.’ None
Incorrect answer ‘Incorrect! Please try again; a 10-minute time penalty will be added to your final score.’ 10 mins
Help A help to guide you to the correct location with ‘Return to question’ button 5 mins
Hint A hint to help you solve the clue with ‘Return to question’ button 5 mins
Skip ‘Congratulations! You have completed this Clue. Click “Next Clue” to continue.’ None
Next Clue The next clue (n.b. this also restarts the clock) None

Is there a time limit on the day to complete my trail?

No, take as long as you like (or need), there is no time limit unless of course you are competing to get yourself on the leaderboard. If you get tired come back another day, you can always stop the clock and pick up right where you left off. If you have battery issues, stop the clock on the next available answer before running out of charge.

To stop the clock, submit your answer, but DO NOT select the ‘NEXT CLUE’. You can return on any future day, log back in and request the ‘NEXT CLUE’.

How long will it take to complete the trail?

Each of our trails is set out to be finished in 2-3 hours, however this obviously depends on your clue-solving ability and how fast you walk. In the Summer, at certain times of the day, this could be more of a physical exertion than at other times, so please make use of your ability to stop the clock and take a break if you need to (see ‘How to Play’ section of the FAQ’s).


Will any device work with Trixity Trails?

As long as your smartphone/device has the ability to connect to the internet then you will be fine. You do NOT need to download an App or have any specialised software/hardware.

What if my battery runs out?

Make sure you have a full battery before you set off. If you do run out, do not select ‘NEXT CLUE’, log out and another team member can log in on their device using the same username/password. Be sure to only log in on one device at a time.

Do I need Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is not necessary and whilst we can provide Wi-Fi details for most cities, not all will be free so you may wish to make sure you have internet access on your device.

If you are visiting Australia, please ensure your network provider is not going to charge you an excessive amount for ‘Data Roaming’ charges especially if you are accessing internet to help solve clues or google maps. Please check with your provider prior to starting the trail if you’re not sure. We don’t accept liability for your phone charges!

Difficulty & Accessibility

Which trail should I choose?

All the trails are designed the same, namely – solve a series of challenging clues that guide you around the most beautiful cities of Australia, whilst seeing major attractions and a side to the city that you might not normally see.

Read the descriptions for each trail for the City you live in, work in or play in, and choose the one that interests you.

If you enjoy the trail you can always come back and purchase other trail(s) in the same city or other cities where our trails can be found.

Will I be able to solve the clues if I’m not from the City I choose to do the trail in?

Absolutely, in fact one of our aims is to introduce you to the city you may only be visiting for a short time. Just ensure you have a local map or fully charged smartphone/device and you’ll be fine.

Will I be able to solve the clues if English is not my first language?

This will obviously depend on your level of English but as some clues are cryptic it may make life a little more difficult.

Are the trails wheelchair accessible?

We aim to be accessible, however, not all our trails currently are. Accessibility for each trail has been noted in the ‘Duration’ section when you select a trail to purchase.

Health & Safety

What do I need to take with me on the trail?

You will need a (fully-charged) smartphone/device for interaction with our website for the clues. Consider your clothing choices dependent on the weather and sun protection is advised even when it’s not obvious. You will likely be in the area of shops/cafes but we recommend you take water with you.

Do all your trails have refreshment areas for breaks or toilet facilities for comfort stops?

When creating each trail, we have made every effort to pass by public toilets and places to eat and drink. You won’t be too far from refreshments but go prepared anyway.

What should I be aware of?

You will be walking around the streets of a city, so please be aware of the traffic at all times, use pedestrian crossings wherever possible – we will not be guiding you into dangerous situations but obviously you could stray from our intended route, so please be careful out there.

Are the trails suitable for children?

You must be an adult to purchase the trail although children may accompany adults. Be aware there are 2-3 hours of walking involved and young children can get bored easily. There are plenty of opportunities to take breaks along the trails as you don’t need to complete it all on the same day (see ‘How to Play’ section of FAQs). We have aimed the questions at teenagers/adults but younger children should still enjoy themselves.