Discover the City you live in, work in, play in

Solve a series of challenging clues that guide you around the most beautiful cities of Australia, whilst seeing major attractions and a side to the city that you might not normally see

Take your time and enjoy the sights or try and get yourself on the leader board with the fastest time


The process is simple, check-out our list of trails for your location and select the one you want. You can take the challenge at any time in the future so there are no time limits. The price quoted is the total you will pay, no matter how many people are in your team. We have made every effort to ensure that no further charges will be incurred along the route for entry fees, etc. You will receive an email confirmation and further information from us once you book your trail.

Work in a team to unravel a series of clues and uncover the hidden delights of your chosen City. We guarantee you will have a great time walking around exploring some of Australia’s most beautiful locations and experience a sense of achievement solving our fiendish clues.

About the Trails

Each trail lasts approximately 2-4 hrs and involves solving 15+ clues. The trails are all walkable distances and are not physically challenging.

When you are ready to complete your trail, go to the start point sent to you in the email you receive upon ordering. Log into the website with your smart phone/device and select ‘GET STARTED’. There is no need to download an App, as everything is done via our website. There are no phone or SMS charges from us, just a minimal amount of data so you shouldn’t be running up a huge bill. You will need a device with access to the internet. Overseas users should check your data roaming charges. Our website is set-up to be mobile and tablet friendly.

Submit your Answer

Once you have solved the first clue, type your answer in the field provided and select ‘SUBMIT ANSWER’. If correct, you will be sent the next clue. If you get stuck you can select ‘Help’ and/or ‘Hint’ to receive some extra guidance; both of these will incur a time penalty though so use wisely.

You can challenge yourself against the clock or if you choose to compete as multiple teams stagger your start times and compare time taken at the end.

It’s that simple…….if only the same could be said for the clues! More information on the type of clues can be found in our ‘Clues’ blog

Responses to your Answers

You submit We send Time Penalty
The correct answer ‘Congratulations! You have completed this Clue. Click “Next Clue” to continue.’ None
An incorrect answer ‘Incorrect! Please try again; a 10-minute time penalty will be added to your final score.’ 10 mins
Select ‘Help’ button A help to guide you to the correct location with ‘Return to question’ button 5 mins
Select ‘Hint’ button A hint to help you solve the clue with ‘Return to question’ button 5 mins
‘Skip’ (as an answer) ‘Congratulations! You have completed this Clue. Click “Next Clue” to continue.’ None
Select ‘Next Clue’ button The next clue (n.b. this also restarts the clock) None