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The ‘Help’ button will provide a clue to guide you to the next location – 5 min time penalty


The ‘Hint’ button will assist in solving the clue – 5 min time penalty


Learn more about locations
while having fun as you explore.

4 easy steps…

It’s this simple… are you up for the challenge?

1. Book

Choose your city, select your trail and book online. After the purchase, you’ll receive an email with further instructions to unlock the fun. In your email you will be reminded of the start location and playing times

2. Get Started

Get your team together and play any day you choose as there are no expiry dates. Go to the start location, log into the website with your phone, open the trail and select the ‘GET STARTED’ button

3. Solve the clues

Solve the clues as they guide you around the most beautiful cities of Australia. Don’t worry if you get stuck, as there are ‘helps’ and ‘hints’ to guide you, but beware, they come with a time penalty

4. Celebrate

You can stop the clock after each clue to have a well-earned drink, take selfies or enjoy the local cuisine. Take your time and enjoy the sights or try and get yourself on the leader board with a fast time

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About the Trails

All of our trails are different, but they also have lots in common. We will take you on a journey through the local history, culture, curiosities, must-see places and show you some hidden gems along the way. Our aim is to show you the sights, entertain you and give your ‘little grey cells’ a workout along the way.

More information on the type of clues can be found in our ‘Clues’ post on the Blog page, that will take you inside the mind of the setter – not a pretty place, but it will show you what you are in store for, and give you tips on how to unravel the clues.

For more detailed information, check out the FAQs page.

Corporate Team-building

We at Trixity understand that no matter the size of your business, a collaborative environment is what makes it work. Businesses need their employees to trust one another, understand the need for accountability and full commitment to achieving results. 

The past couple of years have been difficult, with many businesses having to shift focus, realign plans and we appreciate the hardship. As life begins to return to normal, let Trixity Trails help your teams remember the importance of working together whilst having fun and achieving results. 

For Corporate team-building days we would like to make things easier by doing the hard work for you. Please use the ‘Contact us’ page and we will call you to arrange everything and ensure your day is a success.

Responses To Your Answers

You submit We send Time Penalty
Correct answer ‘Congratulations! You have completed this Clue. Click "Next Clue" to continue.’ None
Incorrect answer ‘Incorrect! Please try again; a 10-minute time penalty will be added to your final score.’ 10 mins
Help A help to guide you to the correct location with ‘Return to question’ button 5 mins
Hint A hint to help you solve the clue with ‘Return to question’ button 5 mins
Skip ‘Congratulations! You have completed this Clue. Click "Next Clue" to continue.’ None
Next Clue The next clue (n.b. this also restarts the clock) None