As you can imagine, when setting up three trails in Sydney and living in Queensland there’s a lot of travelling back and forth. Fortunately for us we have friends who live there and have been very helpful in providing us with accommodation and their testing services too.

Obviously, we get dinner whilst we’re there but we couldn’t have done it without them, so thank you Tracy & Blake x. When we’re millionaires we will remember you …. we may not still be in touch, but we’ll remember you! (I’m joking – honest).

On our last trip back, I managed to get quite a good photo out of the window as we left Sydney – not bad considering it was just with my phone.

The other thing about this photo is that I can see parts of all three of our Trixity trails, Discover Sydney, Discover Sydney Botanic & Discover Sydney – The Rocks …. next time you’re in Sydney and you have 2-3 hours spare, give one a try, I promise you it’s a great way to explore Sydney.