Welcome to the Trixity blog. In the different posts you will find updates and news on all of our trails and some behind-the-scenes information on how we set our trails up, the work that goes into them and the problems we’ve had to overcome along the way.

At the time of writing this post (Sept 2019) we have 7 trails in operation….

  • Discover Sydney
  • Discover Sydney – Botanic
  • Discover Sydney – The Rocks
  • Discover Brisbane
  • Discover Brisbane – South Bank
  • Discover Gold Coast – Broadbeach
  • Discover Gold Coast – Surfers Paradise

Discover Melbourne and Discover Adelaide are due next, each with at least two trails …. Perth, you may have to wait a little longer but we’ll get to you. The plan is to Discover the whole of Australia – but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The idea of Trixity is simple. We have set up a number of device-led trails around some of Australia’s biggest cities which you solve a series of clues whilst you discover the city. It has taken us over a year to perfect our trails and we are due to launch in September 2019. Keep an eye on our blog for further news.

Whilst we are a small company we have had a great deal of people working with and for us, some paid, others out of the goodness of their hearts and it goes without saying we couldn’t have done it without them. Here are a few of the great and the good who deserve a name-check.

First of all, thanks to Gold Coast Websites (especially Stuart & Matt) for all of their great work in bringing our germ of an idea to fruition, they are not only skilled coders but very patient and responsive to our (ever-changing) requirements.

Once we had a working idea we had to test the living daylights out of it, and that was proving slow-going and also caused other technical issues. That’s when friends of Tracy’s came to the rescue, a huge thank you to Vidya and Suraj who spent 2-3 weeks doing some automated testing for us which meant they did 2000+ tests in the time it was taking us to do 20 …. badly! With their help we’ve managed to iron out all of the wrinkles and we’re ready to launch.

Team-building & bespoke trails

There is already some information in our FAQs about team-building but in short, yes we do – we’ll even help streamline the ordering process and email the info to you to help out. We have had thoughts on creating trails for various other activities, pub crawls, hen’s parties etc. as well as creating bespoke trails for museums, art galleries etc …. if you think we can help then please give us a call. We think a Trixity trail would be an excellent team-building exercise.