The Rocks is an area to the Western side of Circular Quay, very much a tourist attraction nowadays but it’s had its share of trouble in the past, not least in the reign of a gang known as the Rocks Push – you should be ok now though as that was in the 1870s – nowadays the big cruise ships stop there.

Our Trixity trail around The Rocks area (imaginatively called Discover Sydney – The Rocks) is perfect for anyone who wants to spend 2-3 hours exploring and also testing their mental ability. Some of the clues on this trail are amongst my favourites, beware though, you do seem to spend most of your time walking uphill but it’s worth it for the views.

Another reason for choosing this trail if you’re exploring Sydney is that there seems to be an inordinate number of clues in pubs – it’s a good job you can stop the clock after every clue on all of our trails – so you can ensure you stay hydrated.