Trail – Discover Surfers Paradise

Rank Team Name Date Time taken ... with penalties No. of clues
1 Jingle Ballers 16-Dec-2022 1h 12m 41s 1h 27m 41s 18
2 Listed For Trail 16-Dec-2022 1h 20m 24s 2h 5m 24s 18
3 Ho Ho Hoes 16-Dec-2022 1h 29m 4s 2h 09m 4s 18
4 Full Hand Up Yours 16-Dec-2022 1h 19m 15s 2h 9m 15s 18
5 Lilo & Stitch 4-Jan-2020 1h 35m 41s 2h 40m 41s 18
6 Locals know best 10-Nov-2019 2h 4m 19s 2h 49m 19s 18
7 Mighty Reds 19-Sep-2019 2h 10m 3s 2h 50m 3s 18
8 Team Ashley 22-Jul-2023 1h 53m 14s 2h 53m 14s 18
9 Wats up? 20-Feb-2023 1h 42m 21s 2h 57m 21s 18
10 The #emo niner berries 22-Jan-2023 2h 3m 44s 3h 3m 44s 18
11 The Vesters 1-Nov-2023 2h 14m 42s 3h 19m 42s 18
12 Sheriff Hoff and Deputy O\'Shea 22-Oct-2022 2h 16m 43s 3h 46m 43s 18
13 Man & Guy 15-Sep-2022 2h 59m 46s 3h 54m 46s 18
14 Team Bradshaw 30-Nov-2019 1h 36m 38s 3h 56m 38s 18
15 Jamba the Hunt 4-Oct-2022 1h 52m 19s 4h 12m 19s 18
16 Cocoa’s minions 8-Apr-2023 2h 55m 33s 4h 35m 33s 18
17 Emma and Dylan 7-Dec-2019 2h 24m 46s 5h 19m 46s 18
18 Team Graham 14-Dec-2019 3h 59m 35s 5h 49m 35s 18
19 JoLee 10-Nov-2023 3h 51m 37s 6h 51m 37s 18
20 Red Dirt 23-Jan-2020 4h 58m 23s 7h 13m 23s 18
21 MG 12-Jan-2020 2h 16m 15s 8h 21m 15s 18
22 Smithside 12-Feb-2020 3h 4m 21s 13h 59m 21s 18
23 Jane 30-Dec-2019 3h 30m 58s 14h 10m 58s 18
24 Jordan and friends 27-Dec-2019 23h 57m 31s 1d 8h 22m 31s 18