Trail – Discover South Bank

Rank Team Name Date Time taken ... with penalties No. of clues
1 Dolly & Dufus 2-Dec-2019 2h 20m 39s 2h 20m 39s 20
2 Tony & the Gypsy 18-Feb-2024 1h 51m 41s 2h 46m 41s 18
3 Alanah is cute 17-Jan-2023 2h 2m 11s 3h 2m 11s 18
4 Wendt Family 3-Sep-2023 2h 15m 47s 3h 10m 47s 18
5 Sixty-five 3-Mar-2024 1h 59m 19s 3h 19m 19s 18
6 WISH STARS 10-Jan-2020 2h 55m 28s 3h 55m 28s 20
7 Brookmaniacs 27-Jun-2023 2h 53m 44s 4h 3m 44s 18
8 The Irish 4-Jun-2023 3h 28m 52s 4h 18m 52s 18
9 LezBeHonest 23-Jul-2024 3h 16m 56s 4h 26m 56s 18
10 Clintella 16-Jun-2024 2h 49m 54s 4h 34m 54s 18
11 AAtw 15-Mar-2020 4h 5m 52s 4h 40m 52s 20
12 Fergatron 17-Feb-2023 3h 23m 20s 4h 43m 20s 18
13 Lightspeed 26-Jun-2024 3h 4m 7s 4h 59m 7s 18
14 Vanni&Drew 31-Jan-2023 3h 58m 37s 5h 3m 37s 18
15 Stinkbugs 17-Jan-2020 4h 22m 28s 6h 17m 28s 20
16 Apresa 21-Feb-2023 4h 18m 18s 6h 23m 18s 18
17 Jacky 7-Dec-2023 2h 52m 47s 8h 12m 47s 18