Trail – Discover Brisbane

Rank Team Name Date Time taken ... with penalties No. of clues
1 Tali 17-Sep-2022 2h 12m 27s 2h 32m 27s 17
2 Munchily 2-Jan-2020 2h 36m 56s 2h 46m 56s 21
3 TeamVBS 5-Jan-2020 3h 47s 3h 47s 21
4 Sssss Day 19-Aug-2022 2h 36m 30s 3h 6m 30s 17
5 Holiday Lovers 28-Dec-2019 2h 42m 8s 3h 27m 8s 21
6 Royals 9-Jan-2020 3h 22m 18s 3h 47m 18s 21
7 Maximillians 29-Oct-2019 3h 58m 57s 3h 58m 57s 21
8 Brisbane explorers 11-Sep-2022 2h 45m 46s 4h 35m 46s 17
9 Powering Bris 30-Nov-2019 3h 32m 47s 5h 2m 47s 21
10 Explorers 29-Feb-2020 3h 53m 26s 5h 3m 26s 21
11 CocheeCounts 23-Feb-2020 4h 5m 40s 6h 55m 40s 21
12 Heyns Finds 8-Mar-2020 2h 45m 7s 7h 15m 7s 21
13 Fathers Day 2022 4-Sep-2022 2h 56m 3s 9h 46m 3s 17
14 FD Rippers 4-Sep-2022 2h 23m 32s 12h 33m 32s 17
15 Jane 29-Dec-2019 7h 2m 52s 1d 2h 7m 52s 21