Trail – Discover Broadbeach

Rank Team Name Date Time taken ... with penalties No. of clues
1 The Livingdangs I presume 5-Feb-2022 1h 18m 34s 1h 53m 34s 16
2 Leg day 8-Mar-2020 2h 17m 46s 2h 47m 46s 16
3 Copester 17-Feb-2020 2h 4m 42s 3h 29m 42s 16
4 MG 8-Mar-2020 2h 22m 14s 3h 42m 14s 16
5 Where to next? 15-Sep-2019 3h 30m 41s 5h 5m 41s 16
6 Powering Bris 16-Aug-2020 2h 59m 43s 5h 24m 43s 16
7 CocheeCounts 31-Dec-2019 1h 48m 14s 5h 58m 14s 16
8 The Marigals 9-Aug-2022 3h 25m 26s 7h 26s 16
9 The Know it alls 30-Oct-2019 3h 35m 21s 8h 35m 21s 16
10 Kevanna 7-Nov-2022 2h 51m 50s 9h 21m 50s 16
11 Monkey & Panda 29-Jun-2022 7h 43m 41s 9h 23m 41s 16