Trail – Discover Melbourne Central

Rank Team Name Date Time taken ... with penalties No. of clues
1 Asset Services Team 12 20-Mar-2024 1h 27m 25s 1h 37m 25s 19
2 Asset Services Team 10 20-Mar-2024 1h 24m 34s 1h 59m 34s 19
3 Last Pizza Slice 9-Sep-2023 1h 26m 8s 2h 1m 8s 19
4 Outback O’Briens 19-Jan-2024 1h 51m 22s 2h 1m 22s 19
5 Kim Possible 17-Dec-2023 1h 30m 44s 2h 10m 44s 19
6 Mega Maniacs 8-Jul-2021 1h 22m 3s 2h 12m 3s 19
7 Asset Services Team 8 20-Mar-2024 1h 55m 24s 2h 20m 24s 19
8 Whisky Chasers 19-Apr-2024 1h 34m 30s 2h 34m 30s 19
9 Asset Services Team 4 20-Mar-2024 1h 37m 27s 2h 37m 27s 19
10 Stayin Alive 19-Apr-2024 1h 39m 20s 2h 59m 20s 19
11 Asset Services Team 6 20-Mar-2024 1h 57m 37s 3h 2m 37s 19
12 Asset Services Team 2 20-Mar-2024 1h 48m 56s 3h 3m 56s 19
13 The Lock Keepers 19-Nov-2023 2h 25m 27s 3h 15m 27s 19
14 Kevanna 21-Jan-2024 1h 58m 53s 3h 33m 53s 19
15 Asset Services Team 11 20-Mar-2024 2h 15m 7s 3h 40m 7s 19
16 Jilbertinos Big Day Out 15-Jan-2021 3h 25m 3s 4h 25m 3s 19
17 ?PLAJSHARQ? 11-Nov-2023 2h 51m 52s 4h 51m 52s 19
18 AAtw 28-Apr-2024 2h 2m 14s 5h 22m 14s 19
19 The Eskys 19-Apr-2024 1h 54m 30s 5h 39m 30s 19
20 Asset Services Team 1 20-Mar-2024 2h 20m 27s 6h 35m 27s 19
21 The Pourovers 19-Apr-2024 2h 13m 27s 6h 48m 27s 19
22 Lime Mango 30-Sep-2023 5h 4m 41s 6h 49m 41s 19
23 Don Sheppardons 25-May-2024 2h 8m 49s 8h 18m 49s 19
24 Team Lewis Kelly 2-Jun-2024 3h 33m 57s 14h 18m 57s 19