Trail – Discover Melbourne

Rank Team Name Date Time taken ... with penalties No. of clues
1 Don’t mess with the Youngs 4-Sep-2022 2h 3m 14s 2h 13m 14s 19
2 Jilbertinos Big Day Out 7-Apr-2021 2h 5m 7s 2h 35m 7s 19
3 Banana Benders 29-Dec-2022 2h 19m 40s 2h 54m 40s 19
4 Deanos 29-Sep-2022 2h 24m 32s 3h 4m 32s 19
5 Chulalongkorn 12-Sep-2022 2h 53m 28s 3h 28m 28s 19
6 Cruskit 10-Sep-2022 2h 56m 4s 3h 41m 4s 19
7 Betty 5-Feb-2022 2h 35m 23s 6h 5m 23s 19
8 The Tran Clan 10-Dec-2022 3h 54m 3s 6h 24m 3s 19
9 The Tripper\'s 1-Jul-2022 4h 51m 30s 7h 21m 30s 19