Trail – Discover Sydney Botanic

Rank Team Name Date Time taken ... with penalties No. of clues
1 The Lock Keepers 11-Dec-2023 2h 36m 56s 2h 51m 56s 17
2 Matthews Madness 6-Jan-2020 2h 4m 19s 2h 54m 19s 17
3 Germatt 15-Dec-2019 2h 43m 25s 3h 28m 25s 17
4 Read-set-scavenge 2-Dec-2022 2h 52m 53s 4h 7m 53s 17
5 Bumble Bees 19-Jan-2020 2h 45m 21s 4h 20m 21s 17
6 Hens & her chicks 19-Jan-2020 4h 13m 13s 4h 38m 13s 17
7 On the Trail 2-Dec-2022 2h 21m 29s 4h 51m 29s 17
8 Karin Christie 10-Apr-2023 4h 20m 37s 5h 10m 37s 17
9 The Lewcocks 19-Jan-2024 3h 12m 18s 5h 22m 18s 17
10 Sydney strumpets 28-Jan-2020 2h 49m 38s 6h 34m 38s 17
11 Cashies 29-Feb-2020 2h 45m 8s 6h 50m 8s 17
12 Bobbing for Tim 13-Aug-2022 4h 55m 59s 7h 50m 59s 17
13 DazandSue 23-Apr-2022 4h 4m 59s 11h 34m 59s 17