Trail – Discover Sydney The Rocks

Rank Team Name Date Time taken ... with penalties No. of clues
1 JJ 7-Mar-2020 1h 48m 22s 1h 48m 22s 15
2 SOUTHERN SLEUTHS 26-Nov-2022 2h 7m 36s 2h 7m 36s 15
3 Bobbing for Tim 5-Jan-2020 2h 15m 31s 2h 15m 31s 15
4 Rehab Rockettes 8-Oct-2022 1h 51m 19s 2h 16m 19s 15
5 Huffleparty 22-Feb-2020 2h 8m 16s 2h 18m 16s 15
6 THE DETRIVORES 26-Nov-2022 1h 49m 14s 2h 24m 14s 15
7 Dolly & Dufus 21-Dec-2019 2h 7m 59s 2h 27m 59s 15
8 GAME CHANGERS 26-Nov-2022 1h 49m 35s 2h 54m 35s 15
9 FEELIN’ FESTIVE 26-Nov-2022 2h 10m 26s 3h 26s 15
10 D.S.Banan 13-Dec-2019 2h 29m 37s 3h 14m 37s 15
11 GIN COLLECTORS 26-Nov-2022 1h 47m 3h 27m 15
12 Frenchies 15-Nov-2019 4h 20m 24s 4h 35m 24s 15
13 KALU 27-Dec-2019 23h 19m 19s 1d 2h 49m 19s 15