Trail – Discover Sydney

Rank Team Name Date Time taken ... with penalties No. of clues
1 Team 802.11ax 11-Dec-2019 1h 56m 6s 2h 31m 6s 18
2 Last Pizza Slice 28-Jun-2022 2h 27m 13s 2h 47m 13s 18
3 MGDHayes 26-Jan-2020 2h 37m 28s 3h 2m 28s 18
4 Team 802.11ac 11-Dec-2019 1h 47m 43s 3h 2m 43s 18
5 Cat and el 3-Sep-2022 1h 54m 12s 3h 4m 12s 18
6 Team 802.11r 11-Dec-2019 2h 10m 29s 3h 10m 29s 18
7 Team Jen 30-Aug-2022 2h 14m 48s 3h 34m 48s 18
8 Pathfinders 2-Jan-2020 2h 30m 33s 3h 40m 33s 18
9 Team 802.11b 11-Dec-2019 2h 33m 3h 58m 18
10 Dream Team 30-Aug-2022 2h 17m 31s 4h 2m 31s 18
11 Team 802.1x 11-Dec-2019 2h 11m 26s 4h 6m 26s 18
12 FFB Test Team 9-Oct-2022 2h 17m 7s 4h 7m 7s 18
13 Edgy Teens 2-Jan-2020 1h 59m 49s 4h 14m 49s 18
14 Team 802.11n 11-Dec-2019 1h 49m 58s 4h 14m 58s 18
15 Sloth 12-Jul-2022 3h 19m 57s 4h 34m 57s 18
16 Team 802.11k 11-Dec-2019 2h 32m 28s 4h 42m 28s 18
17 Karen\'s Krew 27-Dec-2019 4h 40m 56s 5h 56s 18
18 Team 802.11a 11-Dec-2019 5d 4h 7m 9s 5d 4h 57m 9s 18